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Erotic Agent II (2003) 18+ l l

ดูหนังออนไลน์มาสเตอร์ Erotic Agent II (2003) 18+ MASTER THAI Full Movie HD/720p Full HD/1080p


Tin Gin and Ming Li were a poor couple living happily in a village. Tin Gin found an ancient box while he was cutting wood in the forest. Tin Gin brought the box home and opened it. A beautiful genie was released and granted them 3 wishes every month. All they can think of were some stupid wishes (related to sex of course). Tam and Kam Chi were a rich couple living in the same village. They heard about the box and stole it. Tam used their 3 wishes to be the master of the village and all villagers to work for him; and all women to be his sex slaves


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